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DNA Thief 20 per cent


Reader reviews (Amazon) :


'Fast paced, exciting and humourous'

'A great read for boys with all the toys'

'An entertaining and well paced read'

DNA Thief introduces Sean Yeager and his plight. Sean is alarmed to find a giant hole in his bedroom wall, and his Dreampad and prized comic collection stolen. When Foundation Agents arrive, Sean is invited on a whirlwind chase after the thieves. Along the way, he discovers enemies and abilities he never knew he had, and gains an understanding of the dangerous work his father did before disappearing. Can Sean survive long enough to find his father? And are his protectors, the Foundation, as formidable as they appear?

Sean and Emily are protected as virtual prisoners at Kimbleton Hall. Bored, they hunt for clues about their missing fathers and discover that Major Clavity has disappeared while on a secret mission. Meanwhile, the Foundation makes plans for their return to school. When Deveraux's forces intervene, a chain of events is set in motion that will change their lives for ever. Can Sean and Emily save Major Claviity? Can Deveraux be stopped? And will they be home in time for dinner?

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Available now in print worldwide

Sean and Emily must find the Wanderer in order to save the Founder. Meanwhile, the Foundation is under new leadership and faces internal challenges. Only the Gaia Key can help the situation, but no one knows where it is or what it looks like. Deveraux progresses his plans while the Foundation regroups and argues amongst itself. Can Sean and Emily help save the day and all life on Earth as we know it? 

Sean is taken to Kimbleton Hall, a rambling safe house. While plotting to meet his friends, Sean is caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse with his enemies. When he meets Emily Campbell, they investigate the legend of an ancient and dangerous treasure rumoured to be hidden in the grounds.  Can Sean and Emily find the Kimbleton treasure before they are captured? And is the Foundation strong enough to protect them from their arch enemies?

Reader reviews (Amazon) :


'Like watching a movie in your mind'  

'A brilliant ride for adventure, mystery and sci fi lovers'

'What a wonderful book'

Hunters Hunted Text 2 20 PERCENTl


Reader reviews (Amazon) :


'A thoroughly engaging read'

'A great continuation'

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