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Hi, thanks for dropping by.


Welcome to the world of Sean Yeager Adventures! A world much like our own, patrolled by agents, sleepers, androbots, villains, a robotic cat, and Dr Vex. Watch out for him! And I suggest you avoid Deveraux and Vrass, unless you want to be eaten, or infected. These guys are really mean. Oh, and Von Krankhausen may try and bite your ankles. I hear he's pretty desperate these days. Fortunately, KB, Max, Romulus and the Founder are on his case.

SYA is a labour of love, written over ten years and counting. The original idea arose during a foggy car journey when my son expressed excitement about a short story I made up involving a UFO getting lost in the fog, and my long-standing fascination with Pharaoh Akhenaten. At the time, Harry Potter in book form was huge, and it occured to me that no one was writing similar stories involving fantasy and science fiction. Magic sticks and pseudo-latin were all the rage, but the slightest mention of science or history was shied away from, despite Artemis Fowl being successful. As a parent, I wanted to see more STEM and intelligence in an entertaining form with great characters. Not least, because it can be just as much fun and many successful movies have these themes. And so, a few years later, Sean Yeager Adventures came into being. Needless to say, I could wallpaper a room with rejection slips from the publishing industry. Now, four books and ten years later, the Sean Yeager series continues to excite children and pleasantly surprise their parents.


So, what are Sean Yeager's Adventures about? Well, you'll need to read up to find out, and there are free e-book samples available from Amazon (see Kindle Unlimited, our free three chapter sample e-books, and the free Amazon Look Inside book feature). What I will say is that there are a lot of surprises in store for you. In SYA, in an age appropriate manner (8 to 14 years old), there are secret agents, competing aliens, human robots, intelligent computers and desperate criminals. Their aims? To control all life on Earth, or leave it behind forever. There is just one slight problem, they are few in number and keep disrupting each other's plans. You might even say that some of them don't have a clue what they are doing. The truth can be painful. Just ask Major Clavity, between meals of course.


Sean and Emily grow up in the middle of this chaos, and must figure out how they can save humanity. Fortunately, they have friends and find clues along the way. However, they are also pursued by Deveraux. Alas, they have no prophecies or magic to protect them, only their own abilities and what they learn along the way.


As the Founder (a key character) is apt to say: 'open your mind, and everything will become clear to you.'


I hope you, or the children in your life, enjoy reading Sean and Emily's adventures. As you read this, book 4 - Sean Yeager Mortal Thread - is published in print, and the plotting for book 5 is in progress.


Please also encourage readers to write a book review for Amazon or Goodreads. It's great practice for their writing skills, and every contribution helps. We also pick up feedback and refine the books in updated editions. Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word about Sean Yeager Adventures. We are like rebels in the ocean of reading chosen for you by others - we write what young readers tell us they want to read about.


Best wishes



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