Welcome to the world of Sean Yeager Adventure, a series of exciting, action, adventure, mysteries written for young minds and guided by young minds. Yes, the secret, inner circle reader group advises on key elements of the series and suggests improvements.

Many centuries ago, two spacecraft reached Earth and fought high in the atmosphere. Both were critically damaged. Their crews crash landed and sought to survive as best they could. They may have upset history a little. but they always moved on when the going became tough. Invasions were best avoided, and temples proved to be safe havens. The trick was to stay one step ahead of the primative Terrans and their empire building. The crews were stranded with no hope of returning, or even finding, home. But they still had a grudge to settle. A small matter of life or total annihilation. For a time, things were calm.

In reality, humans were too busy fighting each other to notice.

Fast forward thousands of years, Sean Yeager and Emily Campbell discover strange things happening in their unconventional English lives. Convinced these events are connected to their missiing fathers, they embark on a series of escapades while exploring the Foundation and avoiding its enemies. Their mums will not be impressed. School will not be understanding (or standing). However, there is a future awaiting their discovery, if only they can stay alive long enough to reach it/

A lot of fun has been had creating (and expanding) the SYA universe. Some of it has even been written down in books:

Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief.
Sean Yeager Hunters Hunted
Sean Yeager Claws of Time

Sean Yeager Mortal Thread (work in progress)


There are many mysteries within SYA. There is a complex back story, which is revealed episode by episode. Nothing is quite what it seems. Things break, people make mistakes, and the truth has to be figured out, by you - the reader - while you experience the adventures of Sean and Emily unfold around them. And the bad guys.... Yes, they are completely, unremittingly, tirelessly, evil. And hungry.
They do take prisonners. It's what they do to them next that we should be worried about.


Sean and Emily are not the chosen ones. It was not written or foretold, or taken from ancient books.
(However, those ancient books may have been edited by someone familiar, shortly before being lost in a tragic fire, and restored from memory.)
Sean and Emily are not wizards with enormous bank balances, powers over life and death, and magical twigs.
Sean and Emily are not demi-gods living in the USA, which must be very crowded with its own gods. (Native tribes anyone?)
Sean and Emily cannot do everything on their own. And nor can anyone else, by the way.
Characters cannot avail of pseudo-Latin phrases to get out of tight corners. Ridiculorus eliminatum! Waves ever decreasing circle with twig.
There are no fairies, trolls, dragons, or magical folk in SYA. And we still have a lot of fun.
Time is a constant, and there is no going backwards, creating paradoxes and generally messing with physics.
Light sabres and mitochlorians still don't make sense in SYA. (Solid light? Blow torches? Tubes of plasma? All the above?)
Space is still very very very very enormously huge. And silent.
The undead are still ALIVE - because they walk around and do stuff! Just like all the zombies in your own town.
To love SYA, you need a sense of humour or humor. Either works. Just remember who invented English. (Scandinavians mostly).
In SYA, Deus does not arrive on a crane to announce a convenient get out clause for a plot hole. (Deus ex machina, look it up)
If this does happen, we'll feed Deus to Vrass. (Mmm, crunchy).

Having said all the above. Sean and Emily are both fans of ancient history, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, Dr Who, and Artemis Fowl.
However, they prefer Bartimaeus (Jonathan Stroud], who takes no nonsense on any plane of existence.

As a famous person once said - 'it's all done in the best possible taste' (Kenny Everett)

As the Founder would say - 'open your mind and everything will become clear to you'.

As the secret, inner circle of readers would say - 'stop messing about on a website and read the next SYA book.'

Above all . Enjoy!

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