Welcome to the world of Sean Yeager Adventure, a series of exciting, action, adventure, mysteries written for young minds and guided by young minds. Yes, a secret, inner circle of readers advises on key elements in the series and suggests improvements.

Many centuries ago, two alien spacecraft reached Earth and fought high in the atmosphere. Both were critically damaged. Their crews crash landed and tried to survive as best they could. They may have upset history a little. but they always moved on when the going became tough. Invasions were best avoided, and temples proved to be safe havens. The trick was to stay one step ahead of the primative Terran hoards and their empire building. The crews were stranded with no hope of returning, home or even finding, home. But they still had a major grudge to settle. A small matter of life or total annihilation. For a time, things were calm. However, a few hundred years ago, their ancient struggle was reignited.

Unfortunately, humans were too busy fighting and competing with each other to notice.

Fast forward to the present day, Sean Yeager and Emily Campbell discover strange things happening in their normal British lives. Convinced these events are connected to their missiing fathers, they embark on a series of escapades while exploring the Foundation and avoiding its enemies. Their mums will not be impressed. Their school will not be understanding (or even standing). However, there is an intriguing future awaiting Sean and Emily's discovery, if only they can stay alive long enough to reach it/

A lot of fun has been had creating (and expanding) the SYA universe. Some of it has even been written down in books:

Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief.
Sean Yeager Hunters Hunted
Sean Yeager Claws of Time

Sean Yeager Mortal Thread (in progress)

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