Welcome to the world of Sean Yeager Adventure, a series of exciting, action, adventure, mysteries. Each book has been written for young minds, guided by an inner circle of young readers, who advise on key elements in the series.


A note for readers, parents, teachers, and guardians :


Sean Yeager Adventures are written for ages 7 to 14 and are age appropriate within that range. They are similiar in scope and writing style to series such as Artemis Fowl, Alex Rider, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter. SYA books are printed larger than the standard trade size paperback for ease of reading and have attractive matt finish covers.

SYA stories aim to entertain and ask questions of the reader, while using easy to read language, humour, and references to real history and science. Each book is a self-contained story and builds on the preceding book. It is therefore possible to read them out of order without missing too much. As the series develops, the reading level increases a little, however, all SYA books are assessed and edited to reading levels in the range grade 6 to 8 (and the equivalent scales) using professional tools. Older teens may find the books a light, entertaining read.


Our story begins before book one :


Many centuries ago, two alien spacecraft raced to Earth and fought high in its atmosphere. Both were critically damaged. Their crews crash landed and survived as best they could. One ship carried the Aenaid, a humanoid race. The other, contained the Vuloz, a highly intelligent evolved species best described as amphibious and dangerous.


The Aenaid may have upset history a little. but they always moved on when the going became tough. They found that invaders were best avoided, and temples proved to be safe havens. Their trick was to stay one step ahead of the primative Terran hoards and their empire building.  Both crews were stranded with no hope of returning, home or even finding, home, but they still had a major grudge to settle. A small matter of life or total annihilation. For a time, things were calm. However, a few hundred years ago, their ancient struggle was reignited by a chance encounter between surviving crew members. Meanwhile, the various human tribes were too busy competing with each other to notice.


Fast forward to the present day.  Sean Yeager and Emily Campbell discover strange things are happening in their normal, English lives. Convinced these events are connected to their fathers, who they are told are missing in action on a secret mission, they embark on a series of escapades while exploring their guardian's safe house and avoiding its enemies. Their guardians - the Foundation - have a mysterious past and no one is quite sure why they are protecting the Yeager and Campbell families. It is left to Sean and Emily to piece together the clues and make sense on the world around them. One thing is for sure, school will never be quite the same again.


The Sean Yeager series in order :


Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief.

Sean Yeager Hunters Hunted

Sean Yeager Claws of Time


Sean Yeager Mortal Thread (in progress)