An introduction to the Sean Yeager Adventures book series

Welcome to the world of Sean Yeager, where nothing is quite as it seems.

Sean comes home to discover a giant hole in his bedroom wall, and finds his precious comic collection and Dreampad have been stolen. Helped by two undercover agents, he pursues the thieves and is drawn into a parallel world of biobots, agents, flying cars and evil enemies. As the series progresses, Sean learns about his guardian, the mysterious Founder, and the history of his family.
During the stories we meet a motley crew of agents, evil geniuses, scientists, housekeepers, clones and mothers. Every so often, a mission goes according to plan, despite the best intentions of the Foundation and Darius Deveraux. Thank goodness none of them are running the country . . . yet.

Book 1 : 'The DNA Thief' introduces the Foundation, which Sean encounters during a series of frantic skirmishes. Carried along for the ride, Sean must decide how far he will go to recover his stolen property. Why has the villainous Von Krankhausen taken his comics? And can he trust his protectors?

Book 2 : 'Hunters Hunted' moves to Kimbleton Hall where Sean meets Emily Campbell. Together, their explore their new home and search for a mystical treasure that calls to them. Close encounters with Darius Deveraux and his androbots abound. Just how much trouble can Sean get into during a shopping trip? And is the stranger in the nearby forest all he seems?

Book 3 : 'Claws of Time' takes Sean and Emily back to school, until they are abruptly whisked off to a secret island. Little do they realise what their golf coach has in store and where their first mission will lead them. Meanwhile, Darious Deveraux and the Founder plot against each other and their struggle spreads across the globe, threatening the lives of every being on Earth.

Book 4 : 'The Mortal Thread' leads Sean and Emily deeper into the Aenaid culture, where they discover the truth about their past and destiny. If they are to save themselves and humankind, they must first resolve an ancient schism at the heart of two galaxies and reunite two old colleagues.

Each book in the series is self contained and reveals more about the circumstances Sean and Emily find themselves in. The series travels from London to South America to the Canary Islands, across space and back in time. The Founder and Darius Deveraux are the tip of a huge iceberg stretching across galaxies and engulfing present day Earth. Who will prevail? And will Earth ever be the same again?

Character quotes from the series:

'Feel my pain,' Vrass, leader of the shipwrecked Vuloz.

'Open your mind and everything will become clear to you.' Cassius Olandis aka the Founder.

'Is that altogether wise?' Professor Quark, aid to the Founder.

'I have a plan and it's genius,' Sean Yeager.

'Too late, the deed is done,' Dr Vex the fourth, fifth and sixth.

'Taste my poison,' Xander.

'My friend here would like a second opinion,' Darius Deveraux.

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