Author : a message from D.M. Jarrett

Hi, thanks for dropping by.

I’ have long been a fan of action, adventure and sci-fi stories. It began long ago as a child growing up with Gerry Anderson’'s Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. Over the years, I have enjoyed many series from Star Wars to Star Trek, Men in Black to Indianna Jones. James Bond to Jason Bourne.

I was inspired to write short stories by my son and one thing led to another. Those stories evolved into a fresh tale of a world like our own and a set of characters who vie for control. I wrote the first two books as films on the page, to take the reader to see all the places and characters I imagined, and to witness the adventures unfold.

In writing the series I am determined to speak up to young readers with age appropriate words and themes. I also aim to inspire with subjects they enjoy and real world references to look-up. Readers tell me that they love the characters, gizmos and twists, which is great because there are plenty more to share.

In the Sean Yeager world, there are mysteries to solve and the clues add together. Things go wrong, people make mistakes and characters show their true colours. As the backstory unfolds, you will learn about Sean and Emily's place in this world, as well as the Founder and his enemies. Unlike many books you will see the stories unfold through the eyes of each major character, which is intended to take you closer to the action as a 'film on the page'.

I am very excited with the third episode, Claws of TIme, which I have now completed. Each Sean Yeager book explores a different theme while revealing more of the world the characters inhabit. With DNA Thief, I look at identity, who we really are and where we came from. In Hunters Hunted, we follow treasure seekers who are themselves being chased by their arch enemy. Claws of Time looks at the effects of past decisions and the need to change when circumstances suddenly shift. And of course each book is in itself a rollercoaster ride of action, adventure and surprises right up to the last page.

I hope you will have as much fun reading the books as I had writing them. Why not extend the SYA timeline, make up your own adventures., design your own SYA craft, or create your own vehicles and buildings.? If you do please drop me a line with your work, I’ would love to hear from you.

We had a great time creating the gallery of images on this website. I am particularly pleased with the flying car. Who knows, one day there may be a Sean Yeager film? Now that would be a lot of fun to contribute to!

Happy reading


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