Sean Yeager Adventures are an exciting series of action, adventure sci-fi books for ages 8 to 14, written by D.M. Jarrett.


The books' themes are mysteries, spies, science fiction, robots, aliens, fantasy, ancient history & an alternate Earth history.


The books and characters are wholly owned by the publisher Aenathen Omega, an independent publisher, (a trading name of XLT Consulting Ltd) and D.M. Jarrett.


D.M. Jarrett, the author and creator of Sean Yeager Adventures,  reserves all rights under the Berne convention and international copyright laws for the text, concepts, indicia and artwork used on this website and in the book series.


The publisher and author are happy to discuss partnerships in each of the following areas: design, artwork, animation, film, games, mobile applications and merchandise. In the first instance please forward contact details and the nature of your enquiry using the the Contact Us form.